Which do you need

Which do you need

When shopping for a home you will need to first see how much of a loan you may obtain.

This process is called the Pre Qualification/Approval. 

The differences: 

Pre Qualify - We speak and you inform me of the income and debts that you have,. 

We disuss what you believe your credit  score will show and how much you wish to pay per month in mortgage payments.  

I run a scenario in my system and we come up with a sales price and loan amount that will satify you the client.  

Pre Approval - The same as above but I will also need to receive income statements(2 months), bank statements (2 months) , 2 years w2's or tax returns if self employed .  

This approach will net you a PRE APPROVAL LETTER that will be sent to your Realtor for happy house hunting...


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