I speak to several clients each day and not a day goes by where a client informs me of a lack of interest  in helping them qualify for a mortgage if the credit is not where it needs to be at the time of the application.   

This is not fair to the consumer and I wish this way of treating clients would stop immediately. 

Imagine how excited you were when you and your family found the home of your dreams. 

You follow the proper steps given by the lender only to find out your score is not high enough. 

Next step ////// you send an email to the lender to see what you need to do in order to qualify and you recveive no response or some generic answer from the lender.  



The proper way to handle this scenario from the lenders side below......

Set up a call with the client to review the report. 

Run scenarios that will show action plans necessary to improve the score. 

Go into detail as to the importance of following the steps laid out. 

Follow up /////////

Educate Educate Educate 


That is the role of the lender.


If you are seeking to be educated and are seeking a home in Texas, send me a request via my website to set up a time to have a consultation. 








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